I'm trying out the new course software this semester. It's called Canvas, and here in the Indiana University system it replaces the version of Sakai called Oncourse that we've used for a dozen years or more.#

Any of these course management tools allow you to post assignments for students, to send them messages, to hold chat sessions, to keep a grade book, and so forth.#

Today I notice that in Canvas the stream of announcements sent by the instructor to students has an optional RSS feed. Students can read the announcements at the Canvas site or have them sent to their email address, or they can read new announcements in an RSS reader. How about that?#

And then I see that I can write these announcements in some other piece of software, outside of Canvas, if I wish, and if that software constructs an RSS feed I can have Canvas check the feed for updates and send anything new out to the class as an announcement.#

So: RSS heading out, RSS heading in--the course management tool is pleased to work with RSS either way. The software has a more elastic sense of its own boundaries than most web tools I use.#

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