It appears that yesterday's behind-closed-doors meetings of Statehouse GOP leaders, business leaders, and people from the governor's staff has lead to language for a revised RFRA law that the GOP legislators will accept and vote for. This language is supposed to be announced at 9:00 am today. It sounds like the Indy Star was told about the language late in the evening after the deal was set, but they have not printed the text as far as I know. It sounds like Democrats were not made part of the conversation--no need since there is a gerrymandered GOP supermajority in place. Reporters paced the halls of the Statehouse tweeting about who went in and out of closed doors and passed them without comment during much of the process. Since that's what the press has been able to gather, that's what voters are left with for now. The GOP supermajority is accustomed to having conversations behind closed doors so that people can't see the process work of the democracy.#

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