At a vigil in South Bend, Indiana, last night, I noticed the alertness of the police officers, which seemed different from other times I've attended political rallies here downtown. Three officers were near the edge of the crowd of maybe 400, in a square with a fountain out front of the Morris Theater, the fancy old venue where the big traveling acts like Phantom of the Opera play.#

I suppose the officers had already given a good look at the crowd itself. Every time I looked over, pretty much, they were scanning the approaches to the site, implying that danger would come, if it did, from the outside. That the vigil group would be approached by others intending to challenge them.#

Suggesting that our local police department considered this evening a more dangerous evening than most others here. #

Based on what, I wondered? On a tip? On a website posting from a fringe group? On a general concern about the state of society this week? I don't know.#

But they scanned the sidewalks and streets approaching the vigil site steadily, while most of us looked away from them toward the speakers at the other end of the crowd.#

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